Our Products

If you want to purchase some Soil Algae for yourself be sure to visit our Kickstarter page during the first 30 days of our launch! You can find the Kickstarter page here: 




Soil Algae is proud to be offering a variety of products, some are listed below:

Soil Algae Culture: The first product is a 1 Liter bottle of pre cultured algae that you can add directly to your watering can, hose or irrigation line to apply to your soil. There are about 10 million cells of algae in every 1mL of culture! We recommend using 1L for every 10 square meters of land that you want to flourish. 


Soil Algae Culturing Kit: The second product is a culturing kit, where you get to take a more hands on approach to the science behind the algae. We will send you all the necessary equipment and knowledge to take algae from your own backyard and culture it into a concentrated form that you can then spread on your soil the same way as our first product! 

There are also a few other exclusive options on our Kickstarter that you should be sure to check out!