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We understand the incredible power of algae might seem too good to be to true so, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, or if you are just excited to finally have someone to talk to about phytoplankton, you're in luck! You can reach out to us at



Our mission is to promote the understanding of our universe through the application of the scientific method and home grown tomatoes!

The founder, Matthew Huber M.S., is trained as a Biological Oceanographer.  He has spent his entire life in research and development in the sciences.  During the 90s he worked in pharmaceuticals (Allergan and Purdue).  During the 2000s he shifted his focus to marine science.   He has been heavily involved in education, teaching at Hartnell, Cuyamaca, and Mira Costa Colleges.  

He has been working specifically with algae cultivation since January of 2000. Studying phytoplankton photosynthesis at Moss Landing Marine Labs.  Later he did research on Arthrospira platensis (spirulina) for Earthrise Nutritionals in the Imperial Valley of California.  Mr. Huber was also involved in the efforts to bring algae-biofuels to market, working for General Atomics, Green Reactions and several smaller startups. He was involved with building algae farms in New Mexico, Texas, California, and Hawaii. In 2009 he received a grant from the State of California to build next-generation harvesting and growing equipment for algae biofuels. Low petroleum prices have caused much rethinking of the algae-biofuels concepts.  Fortunately, Mr. Huber had found a niche in teaching others how to grow algae.


Lets grow some Soil Algae


Matthew P. Huber, M.S.