Application Methods

Whether you are a local gardener trying to simply grow more tomatoes in your backyard, or you are a large scale farmer trying to contribute produce to the whole country, your crops will benefit from using our algal biofertilizer. Our Algal biofertilizer can be spread throughout your crops the same way you spread the water; directly through the irrigation, without any concerns about clogging the pipes. 

We have different options depending on the scale of your agricultural endeavor; the first and easiest option would include Soil Algae shipping you a live algae culture that you can add directly to your water supply that will then spread evenly throughout your crops. This option would be best for backyards and smaller operations. If you would rather indulge your inner scientist, you can grow your own algae culture! We can ship you the supplies and information to grow your own algae culture which you can then spread over your garden the same way.

If you are working on a larger scale and want to decrease the consistent shipping from Soil Algae sending you the algae, Soil Algae can install a photobioreactor (PBR) so you can take the process into your own hands! Having an in home photobioreactor will allow you to culture your algae right on your own property on a huge scale. We will supply you with the salts, nutrients, equipment and knowledge to create your own micro algae factory on your farm!

For more information on photobioreactors watch this video