Reinventing soil from the ground up

Soil Algae

Healthy plants have algae on them!

Soil Algae is here to provide you with natural and effective alternatives to chemical fertilizers. We have developed a special matrix of algae that are evolutionarily designed to fix nitrogen and enhance the quality of soil without increasing costs or decreasing the efficiency of your farm or garden.

Our Story

We are a group of nerds, scientists and environmentalists. We understand that with a growing global population and declining soil fertility, advancements in the agriculture industry are necessary. We are based out of Carlsbad, California and have been working hard to create the most effective, efficient and environmentally friendly biofertilizer on the market today. 

We want to help you start filling your land with natural algae that will restore the health of your soil, crops and local ecosystem. Our goal is to help our community stop relying on harsh chemicals and let Nature do the work for us. Apply our natural, algae-fueled biofertilizer to your plants and see the difference for yourself!

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